Trigger Warning is a hate letter to the norms. It is a digital salon of rants, manifestos, tirades, screeds, diatribes, denunciations, agitprop, forbidden ideologies, hidden messages, in-your-face deconstructions, cultural awakenings, and outright calls for blasphemy against the ideological gods of our modern era. It is the extreme glorification of the heretical and iconoclastic, and the vigorous shutting out of the complacent and socially obedient.

We are an online publication for ideological deviants who realize that most other deviants and intellectuals have now lost their ability to see outside the mainstream box of political correctness. We declare that they have lost their radical edge and become slaves to a new type of conformity. Our job is to bring the radical edge back to the intellectual world. We recognize that we now must directly confront the decline that so many sit back and enjoy.

Trigger Warning serves as an archive of our conquest to create this new environment.

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